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How to Undo your Sent Mails In GMAIL

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In this article I'll tell you undo your sent mails. Many times by mistake we send mails to someones else who have no concern to your mail or may be is there something important mail which you don't want to share but by mistake you send it to another person then??? 
Instead of saying Ooooops you can now undo that sent mail from sending

Here is something special for you guys now you can undo your send mails in Gmail with Lab stuff.
Open your account in Gmail.Open Mail Settings.Click on LABS tab.Find Undo Send Lab.

Enable It and Save Changes.DoneNow When ever you send mails by mistake then simply Undo it.

Hope you like it. Suggestions are welcomed.Thanks and Regards, pardeep (Catch ME)

New Touchscreen Technology Patent from Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft claimed that they invented a new touch screen technology which can change the shape of a computer display under your fingertips. The company calls the latest invention a “light-induced shape-memory polymer display screen”. Microsoft applied for a U.S patent for a tactile touch-screen technology last month.

Small ridges and textures could be generated on the surface of such displays and that could work as navigation guides. According to the patent application, the virtual keyboard produced by the technology would feel like a real keyboard. “Topography changing layer” would be there in the display which is made up of “shape memory polymers”. This would respond to the ultra violet light signals and change its shape.

The company is aiming at using this technology in table-size Microsoft surface. Mobile devices can also be considered as well. With this new touch screen technology, mobile keyboards will vanish in the future. Display interaction experts have huge expectations about t…