Can Google+ outbox Facebook..?

Google v/s Facebook

Google OR Facebook

Google Plus

To be honest, my gut reaction after Using GOOGLE PLUS was initially, "Why on earth would anybody switch to this from, Facebook?"

However, when I loaded up Google as I do every morning, I suddenly realized that I was asking the wrong question. The reality is that users won’t have the option of not using Google Plus.

Google already has more users than Facebook, over one billion. They aren’t going to suddenly leave Facebook in droves, they’re just going to spend more time on all the sites in Google’s network. That big notifications box in the top right of all Google sites is the reason why.
As I’m browsing around Google-powered sites there’s occasionally a red notification alert that pops up and immediately grabs my attention. Soon enough I’m clicking through the various notifications and seeing what my friends have shared and who has recently begun sharing with me.

After the fall of Google Buzz and Google Wave, Google plus promises to stay longer or even conquer the Social networking arena.
To make Google plus different from Facebook, Google has come up with some fresh ideas that would give the users something new to try.


1. Smooth Interface

The Google Plus have a nice user interface, with a lot of drag and drop functions.

2.  Very nice icons are used in Google plus

Google Plus Icons

3. Enable HD video chat feature

Everybody loves the Google plus hangout feature which enables you to chat with 10 friends in your Google Plus circles simultaneously. The video chat is set to standard definition by default but if you have good internet connection and a HD webcam then you can enable this feature in order to have HD quality video chat. Here’s how:-

On the Google+ home page, there is the chat option in the left sidebar. Take your mouse over the chat option and you will see an triangle pointing down appear. Click it, go to setting. A pop up will give the option with the check box saying Enable high-resolution video.

4. Format text in your Google status updates

 You can style the text you enter in the Google Plus status updates. For Bold ad asterisk before and after the word (e.g.- *TechHim*), for strikethrough, add a dash before and after the work (e.g. -TechHim-). For Italics, add underscore both before and after the word.

5.  Get Google plus notifications to your mobile phone

Get Google Plus updates for your account as text message on your mobile phone free of cost.

Click the setting icon on the top right corner of the screen and select Google+ settings. In the Google+ tab can set the delivery preferences. In the preferences you can see the email where the updates are sent and you can configure your mobile phone there. You can also select which kind of updates you want via SMS and email separately.

6. Connect other social networking accounts with Google Plus

This lets other people on Google Plus know about your other social networking accounts. Google lets you connect accounts such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hotmail, Plaxo, yahoo, Flickr and many more.

Go to the setting on the top right corner of the Google Plus page and click Google+ settings. Select Connected accounts and connect other accounts with it.

7. Google Plus data backup

Google Plus lets you backup your data such as photos, profile information, contacts circles, stream posts so you may not wish to jump of the cliff when you loose your Google Plus account.

Go to the setting on the top right corner of the Google Plus page and click Google+ settings. Select Data liberation.

8. Change Google Plus interface language

Google lets you change the language of the interface in your native language. Though a large number of options are not available but options like Hindi, Arabic, Greek, Chinese are available.

Go to the setting on the top right corner of the Google Plus page and click Google+ settings. Select Language.

9. Hangouts (Facebook Video Chat Alike)

Hangout is a new feature that came with Google plus. Hangout as the name suggest is really about hanging out with your friends. In Hangout you are allowed to talk to various people at the same time. To start a Hangout, you just need to click the Welcome button in the home tab. It prompts you to start a hangout and invite individuals or entire circles. Up to 10 people can be in a hangout at once and it will be seen in that circle or users’ stream.

10. Circles (Facebook Friend List Equivalent)

Thanks to the drag and drop feature, they are far more easy to use. Google plus has incorporated different circles where you can sort people you follow. Depending upon this circle you interact with your contacts. The circles are completely different entities so you don’t mix one with the other.  It removes the chance that you share something silly about your office in your friend circle and that gets leaked into your office circle.


Facebook seems to be more determined to outplay Google+, so they have been introducing various other new features so as to attract more people. After the introduction of Google+, Facebook has recently brought in a number of changes in its settings, such as privacy settings, so that their users would always remain loyal and always use Facebook as their favourite social networking sites.

Facebook has also introduced a subscribe button recently, where the user will have the freedom to choose what they want from the news feeds and also get all the required updates from those people too who are not your friends. Facebook has been undergoing lots of changes.

“All these new features are making Facebook more interesting, where we can keep track of so many things, just being in the home page”.

With the competition between Facebook and Google+, it is Facebook users who are getting quality features on their home page, which makes their favourite social networking site, Facebook look more attractive and informative too.

Few Words From Google

The simple geeky interface is taken as an asset by few whereas some people think this could be  Google plus’ achilles heel. Compared to Facebook’s 750M users, Google has a long way to go but the initial figures have shown great promise. The name Google project suggests it is not an end product and will come with several tweaks as per the demand and suggestions of the users constantly.

Few Words From Facebook

At the moment, Facebook should not really be worried about Google plus, because when it comes to Social networking, Facebook has been a household name. To divert people from Facebook to Google plus would be a tough job for Google. Rather, Facebook should seriously think of Google as they are now and then coming with something promising to fight Facebook to be the no. 1 in social networking domain too.


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