Reverse Google Image Search

Google ‘ Search by Image’ is a reverse search engine by which you can search text or similar images from a picture. This is a quite useful tool when you just have an image and you don’t know anything about it. You can also do that by using a website called TinyEye,  But Google’s reverse image search is much advanced than TinyEye and you can search it directly from  Google Image Search homepage. That means you don’t need to open a separate website every time. Let’s have a look at three ways how you can use reverse image search or ‘Search by Image’.

The best way to perform reverse search is to upload the image to the search engine. To do so open and click on the camera icon appearing in the search bar.

After that you will see three options i.e. paste image URL, upload an image and drag an image here.

  1. First one is the ‘paste image URL’ where you can copy an image URL and paste it directly to Google to search similar text and images.
  2. Second one is the ‘Upload an image’. Use this if you have that image stored on your computer. Click upload an image and browse the image from it’s location.
  3. The easiest way to search text using image is to drag any image from anywhere on the net or on your PC. Image will be automatically uploaded if it’s on your PC.


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