When Unhappy, one doubts everything

Life is led forward but understood backwards. A lot of times; when we rightly begin to understand a particular aspect of life- we outgrow that need. To live life well – one needs to understand life well. It is not a rocket science. You can get most formulae correct by just looking at the lives of so many people in your life- your parents, your relatives, your friends, your classmates, your boss…

‘High energy people are bound to be more successful’. No lazy guy ever made the mark. It is so important that you like yourself before the start of the day, during the day & when the day closes. Else, life doesn’t remain beautiful.
                        As Oscar Wilde says, “To love yourself is the beginning of a life long romance.”

All work and no movies make me a dull man .

Movies – they make us happy, they make us cry, they make us feel romantic; but very few inspire us. Still remember those growing up years; when going to see a very good movie was a big pull in life. I am happy – ‘It still IS’.
Nice movies which inspire me, motivates me to do something :
Anand (1971)
Remember The Titans (2000),
Kal Ho Na Ho (2003)
Swades (2004)

Take time out to catch any of these / more. You never know – ‘An idea might change your life’.

 Going to see the next SRK movie –‘RA ONE’ can make you ‘Excited’ ; but it is only the BABY STEPS on the road of your goals which will make you internally ‘Happy’. Most things around excite. Happiness is found when you are en-route your dreams & relaxed. Code:- it is all about the mind ! Mind alone can make you happy / sad / euphoric / sunken .all. All victorious learnt to control their minds.

Don’t just let it go waste. Don’t treat your life as the climax scene of the Hindi movie. Ask yourself – which role would you pick up; if ‘Life were to be a movie’? Hyper, Melodramatic and foolishly sentimental people will never make a mark. Everyday could be made ‘fun’, if you want to. Nothing can stop one from becoming that. e.g. One reason , I think – whenever I have a really good day – is because , I decide early in the morning- that I WILL HAVE ONE.
                      The people who are unhappy at a moment, just need to recollect himself. Just try spreading love and everything will be all right.When a person is in doubt, he just needs a motivation to do that work upon which he doubts,                                                                                                        

“Success to me is about vision. It is the ability to rise above the immediacy of pain. It is about imagination. It is about sensitivity to small people. It is about building inclusion. It is about connectedness to a larger world existence. It is about personal tenacity. It is about giving back more to life than you take out of it. It is about creating extraordinary success with ordinary lives”.

Try to be HAPPY always. Whenever you find outwears situation just recall happy moments that you have enjoyed. Rephrase the old sayings or jokes which lighten the situation. This is one life and you can't get these moments back in your life. So Enjoy it, live it fully.

enjoy you life!!
have fun fist before you move on!!
remove all the mess in your head and you must take action, to make sure that you actually do something about what’s bringing you down and what’s made you unhappy and make your life sad!!

Tension lene kaa nahin ; dene kaa bhi nahin. Smile karke – logon ko apne aap honey dene kaa. Smile so much & so tenaciously that the other person becomes confused. Kyun -kaisey ye bandaa khush reh saktaa hai?  . Tension me daal do. Your professional smile will really make people wonder -there is something mystical about you. The world will begin to accept you as a ‘smart person’; ‘jisko faraq hee nahin padtaa’. You smile more then.

 Do not feel bothered or perturbed by the reactions of other people. Such people are only transactions in life… Focus about your agendas is the key.

so stand up for yourself and do the right thing in your life!!


Haso aur Hasao – Naa Phaso naa Phasao. :)

!!!!!have a nice day!!!!!

Let us keep on flying together. :)

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