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Is the youth ready to cleanse the Augean stables of politics...

Youth Politics is a category which involves or otherwise impacts the Youth.

Youth activism in India started acquiring prominence during the 1970′s and has grown since. The origins of students’ movement in this country dates back to the origin of the whole concept of organised movement.
Almost every political party makes its presence felt in the University elections, through its youth leaders, which definitely represent an important channel for an inter-generational political dialogue.

It is true that with age comes experience, but the likes of B-School graduates like Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora and others like Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra and Jyotiraditya Scindia add life and a fresh set of ideas to the decision making bodies. Bharat Uday Mission is one outfit of IITians who are planning to enter in politics at a certain point of time. The Indian Army started new programs last year to attract the Youth in the army. There are movies promoting Youth in politics, like Yuva, RDB, etc.
For o…

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind

"It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it."  Nelson Mandela

Mohandas Gandhi’s policy of non-violence was famously used during the campaign for independence in India.  There is a well-known quotation that helps to express the rationale for this non-retaliatory philosophy:
An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind.

The meaning of the principle, an eye for an eye, is that a person who has injured another person receives the same injury in compensation. At the root of this principle is that one of the purposes of the law is to provide equitable retribution for an offended party.

The Bible phrase "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is a common perception of how the Old Testament deals with conflict between two parties. However, in speaking to the people of Israel, Jesus said that we should love even our enemies and do good to them:

"You have heard that it was said, 'AN EYE FOR AN EYE, AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH.' But…

Can Google+ outbox Facebook..?

Google v/s Facebook

Google Plus
To be honest, my gut reaction after Using GOOGLE PLUS was initially, "Why on earth would anybody switch to this from, Facebook?"
However, when I loaded up Google as I do every morning, I suddenly realized that I was asking the wrong question. The reality is that users won’t have the option of not using Google Plus.
Google already has more users than Facebook, over one billion. They aren’t going to suddenly leave Facebook in droves, they’re just going to spend more time on all the sites in Google’s network. That big notifications box in the top right of all Google sites is the reason why. As I’m browsing around Google-powered sites there’s occasionally a red notification alert that pops up and immediately grabs my attention. Soon enough I’m clicking through the various notifications and seeing what my friends have shared and who has recently begun sharing with me.
After the fall of Google Buzz and Google Wave, Google plus promises to stay longer or e…

When Unhappy, one doubts everything

Life is led forward but understood backwards. A lot of times; when we rightly begin to understand a particular aspect of life- we outgrow that need. To live life well – one needs to understand life well. It is not a rocket science. You can get most formulae correct by just looking at the lives of so many people in your life- your parents, your relatives, your friends, your classmates, your boss…

‘High energy people are bound to be more successful’. No lazy guy ever made the mark. It is so important that you like yourself before the start of the day, during the day & when the day closes. Else, life doesn’t remain beautiful.

                        As Oscar Wilde says, “To love yourself is the beginning of a life long romance.”

All work and no movies make me a dull man .

Movies – they make us happy, they make us cry, they make us feel romantic; but very few inspire us. Still remember those growing up years; when going to see a very go…