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Exception Handling - Objective C

The Objective-C language has an exception-handling syntax similar to that of Java and C++. By using this syntax with the NSException, NSError, or custom classes, you can add robust error-handling to your programs. This post provides a summary of exception syntax and handling, presenting dubug information; for more details, see Exception Programming Topics.
Exception Handling : An exception is a special condition that interrups the normal flow of program execution. The class that handles exception in objective c is NSException, creating an exception object and throwing it at runtime is called throwing an exception.

Objective-C exception support involves four compiler directives@try:     Code that can potentially throw an exception is enclosed in a @try{} block.@catch: @catch{} block contains exception-handling logic for exception thrown in a @try@throw: USe the @throw directive to throw an exception, which is an Objective-C object.@finally: @finally{} block contains code that must be…

Enbake Consulting Pvt Ltd

Enbake Consulting Pvt Ltd, Chandigarh/Delhi based company (Internet/Software) regarding six months industrial training. 

"Enbake Consulting, Chandigarh/Delhi based company (Internet/Software)" providing 6 months training in its Chandigarh office starting from May, 2012. We have limited six months internship vacancies for CSE/ECE/IT/MCA streams. Stipend would be 2.5-4K per month to be paid after the induction period of 3 months and would depend upon the performance of the candidate. Please note that this is not a class room training and the candidates would be required to work on live projects after the induction period. Company does not charge anything from the students during the training tenure. 
Candidate will need to appear for written test and personal interview (Technical Base), scheduled by the company. Interested candidates, kindly submit their name, contact number and email id to