Calling depending Web Services + dispatch_group_t in iOS

What is the best approach to call the web services in a chain?

Create a dispatch group

    dispatch_group_t serviceGroup;

Call the first function/web service

-(void)callFirstWebService {
    serviceGroup = dispatch_group_create();

//Call 1st web service here, In the completion block, call the second method which you want to perform serially
[self callSecondWebService];

        // Won't get here until everything has finished        
        NSLog(@"All Tasks finished");
//Reload table or another task which you want to perform when both service finished

-(void) callSecondWebService{
//Call 2nd web service and in the completion block, write the below code


//*******************Theoretical Explantion*****************

  1. Create a method where you want to call webservice. Depending on response, you want to call another webservice/method. After completion of all task, you want to perform last task which you write in first method itself (dispatch_group_notify).
  2. Create the dispatch group in first method
  3. In second method(which you want to perform serially), write dispatch_enter and dispatch_leave. It will ensure that the second task completed successfully.
  4. When all the dispatch groups leave, the dispatch group gets notified automatically and block will executes.

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