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How to apply custom font on attributed HTML text

Today, I came across a very challenging situation which yields into a great learning by end of the day. Let me give you more details about this to you. Task: I am getting attributed HTML text which already has multiple tags like bold and line break. I want to show the attributed text in custom font keeping the existing tags. Problem: When I applied custom font on attributed text, the existing tags like bold and line break overrides. Solution: I found a style tag which needs to apply on the attributed text. let modifiedFont = String (format: "<span style=\"color:#000000;font-family: '-apple-system', 'SFProText-Regular'; font-size: \( self . font ?. pointSize ?? 14.0 ) \">%@</span>" , htmlText) Code example: extension UITextView {     func setHTMLFromString (htmlText: String ) {         let modifiedFont = String (format: "<span style=\"color:#000000;font-family: '-apple-system&#