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How to speed up Xcode build time

Building time for My iOS app takes around 3-4 minutes when building the application from a clean state. A developer builds and runs the app many times per day to check his expressions, types, and syntax accumulating a lot of lost time waiting for the build to be finished by the end of the day. In order to solve this issue, it is imperative to refactor the complex expressions that are taking too long to compile into more simple ones. To do this do the following steps: Enable  -Xfrontend -warn-long-expression-type-checking=50  in  Other Swift flags . This flag will issue a warning for every expression that takes more than 50ms to compile. Refer below Xcode screenshot for where to make changes in Xcode. Refactor the highlighted expressions that took more than 50ms to build. You can see the highlighted expressions in Issue navigator section. Enjoy faster build time.